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Who we work with

We work with a number of businesses spanning across a variety of sectors.

We do so with the aim of making the business world a more open and personal field to operate in.

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We work alongside many businesses hailing from the following industries:


Start Ups

It’s always crucial for startups to show their appreciation to customers, business associates and employees during their infancy. Navigating any business sector for the first time can be incredibly daunting. This is why we believe that anyone who dedicates their time aiding the growth of a startup deserves recognition. Our bespoke hampers will ensure your startup gets off on the right foot.

Local Businesses

Teamwork and generosity are fundamental to the makings of a successful local business. What better way to maintain a pleasant, collaborative community than with a token of gratitude? In an industry where word of mouth plays such a vital role, our hampers will ensure your business peers and loyal customers know their value.


The manufacturing industry is famously laborious and hands-on. It is an industry that thrives on employee productivity. Our thoughtful gift packages can serve as a morale booster or merely just a reminder to your workforce that their importance and value is recognised.


For media companies we think it’s important that we give them the freedom to be as creative in their gifting as they are in their business sector. We encourage them to create and share a unique hamper that aligns with their own vision and brand voice.

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