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Whether you oversee a small, centralised team of employees or manage a large, nationwide workforce, it is important that their value is noted and rewarded. Gifting is great for boosting the morale of your employees during the busiest periods or just randomly reassuring them that their hard work and dedication is appreciated. Employee loyalty and retention is fundamental to success and oftentimes gifting can be the key to nurturing your relationship with your workforce. We have compiled a list corporate gifts for employees along with some important things to consider when searching for the perfect gift to accommodate even the most diverse workforce:

Gifts for the non-drinkers:
When trying to think of gifts for your employees, it’s important to consider the fact that not everyone drinks alcohol. By making the effort to note the employees who don’t drink and accommodating their preferences, you are connecting on a more personal level. This will help people feel more valued as an individual and not just part of a bigger picture. Instead you could consider a variety of artisanal produce including soft drinks or even some other food products.

Gifts for the environmentally conscious:
With cycle to work schemes and increased recycling initiatives worldwide, companies are now making it a priority to reduce their carbon footprint. Luckily, your eco-friendly efforts don’t have to stop when you start considering gifts. More and more businesses are offering high quality ranges of sustainable and ethically sourced gift ideas. From refillable water bottles to notebooks made out of recycled material, you are sure to find the perfect gift that will align with the eco conscious values of both your company and your employees.

Gifts for vegetarians/vegans:
It is essential to keep in mind the dietary requirements and preferences of your employees when presenting them with gifts. A larger workforce will mean more people are likely to have sensitivities in regards to animal products. The vegan market is huge so it’s now easier than ever to integrate these factors into your gifting plans. Remember this doesn’t necessarily relate to food either! Some alternative ideas include faux-leather goods or scented candles.

Gifts for the explorers:
Not everyone’s idea of well spent downtime revolves around relaxing at home. Many people find solace in the hills or on the beaches and are always keen to explore new activities. Small gifts like utility keyrings or compasses are highly customisable and a great way to gift something that is both thoughtful and functional.

Gifts for the holiday makers:
It’s no secret that many people will jump at the opportunity to pack their bags and get away for a weekend. Whether that means jetting off for a city break or just a short coastal retreat, every hard working employee can benefit from an occasional change of scenery. Travel essentials such as a portable charger or some personalised luggage can make great gifts and help ensure your employees are able to return to work well rested and refreshed!

There is always something to gain from going the extra mile when it comes to employee appreciation gifts. Whether it’s for a national holiday or for a more personal date like a birthday, they will always recognise and appreciate the personal touches. Not only does this create a friendlier working atmosphere, but the morale boost is sure to increase company productivity. Let your employees know they are valued as individuals, not just as a collective!