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The world of corporate gifting has seen rapid expansion over the last few years. More and more businesses are seeing the value of corporate gifting as a unique way of capturing the attention of potential clients or just saying thank you to existing ones. For many companies, corporate gifting has become integral to their marketing strategy. As such, we feel that it is now more important than ever to consider business gift ideas as a means of fostering meaningful relationships and offering a share of mind through considered gifting. The Christmas period, celebrated as a time of giving, is the perfect time to let those around you know their value. While this is certainly rewarding, it can also be very challenging. To help out, we have compiled a list of what we feel are some of the best corporate Christmas gift ideas that will help add a personal flare to your brand.

In a digital age where important notes can get lost in a sea of files, oftentimes the solution lies in more traditional methods. Note books are perfect to quickly jot down important dates, figures or contact details. This is why we think they make the ideal corporate gift. They also allow you to expand on your company branding by personalising them with a logo or slogan.

We strictly abide by the “eat, drink and be merry” mantra during the Christmas period. It’s a time to let your hair down after a hectic year of business. Alcohol is the perfect gift to help clients and associates relax, celebrate or just feel appreciated at the end of the year. We understand how personal alcohol preferences can be. Our extensive selection of drinks will ensure that you are able to select the perfect gift that is sure to please the drinks connoisseurs!

Similar to notebooks, having a physical point of reference for important dates and events allows us to keep on top of business operations more efficiently. Calendars are also perfect for branding or personalising with some motivational messages to boost morale during the most hectic days! Make sure they bring in the new year with organisation as a priority.

Gift Cards:
Scouring through a product range in search of the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Gift cards help to alleviate this pressure so you can make the most out of the festive period! They are great for tailoring to the personal interests of the recipient and letting them know you’re invested in them beyond the realms of business.

At this point coffee is pretty much the foundation of any business. Can you imagine the corporate world without coffee? Neither can we! Gifting coffee is a great way to promote fair trade practices while supporting smaller businesses and producers, especially around the Christmas period. With endless amounts of both caffeinated and decaf options, a cup of fresh coffee is a great way to split up the day and enjoy a short, well deserved break.

Literature can range from famous novels to more informative books. With such a wide range of fiction and nonfiction variants available, it is easy to cater to the tastes of your partners and associates. Books can encourage self help, promote good business tactics or simply provide a short escape to momentarily take their mind off work.

Online classes:
Not all gifts have to be physical! Online classes are becoming an incredibly popular and accessible way to learn a brand new skill or even just develop an existing one. In the business world nobody knows everything and everyone can always benefit from adding to their skillset.

Stationary is almost as important as coffee when it comes to running a successful business. Unlike coffee, however, it is often overlooked. There is nothing as unprofessional as showing up to a meeting or an event with no pens. You can personalise things like pens for a single recipient or gift them in bulk with company branding to increase brand awareness.

Local produce:
The Christmas period is the best time to support small businesses as it can often be financially challenging. Gifting local produce is a great way of showing other companies a bit of your background while supporting the businesses that are most in need. This can range from traditional food and drink to snacks that hold cultural significance. We love the thought of being able to source local produce and share it with other companies across the globe!

Of course hampers are our final recommendation! Our hampers are the best way to customise a unique gift that is sure to be remembered. We offer a wide range of artisan products that we have handpicked with quality in mind, so your bespoke hamper is sure to satisfy even the most selective tastes. If you’re pressed for time or just don’t know where to start, we have a range of pre-curated hampers to choose from. Our unique packaging makes these hampers an ideal christmas gift. Each of these hampers features fine products carefully by our in-house team and can be customised with unique branding should you want to add a personal touch!

There you have it. Whether you’re hoping to motivate, incentivise or just show your appreciation, these gift ideas should give you a good starting point. Remember that maintaining good, friendly business relationships will help your company thrive. Corporate gifting makes the business world much more pleasant to navigate and is a great opportunity for the giver to shine a light on smaller companies whose core values align with their own.